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The Public Square

The Public Square

The Historical Society presented a marker to the City of Dahlonega to donote the importance of the Public Square.  The marker stands on the West Main St. sidewalk of the square opposite the North-West side of the Gold Museum.  

It reads:

"When surveyors laid out the original village, this square was designated The Public Square. The center of the Square was reserved for the construction of a courthouse, completed in 1836.  The Public Square embodies the rights guaranteed to the people in the Constitution of the United States, including Freedom of Speech and Peaceable Assembly. Independence Day and the Fourth of July are celebrated
here each year. Throughout the year, there are gala celebrations and more somber observances, including Memorial Day in May and Veterans Day in November. The Gold Rush Days Festival each October recalls the Georgia Gold Rush of 1829 with the bittersweet echo of the forced removal of the Cherokees in 1838 along the trail of Tears. 

By folk tradition, bridal couples circle the Square three times to guarantee good luck in the marriage. Some funeral processions circle the Square in final farewell to the community. The Public Square had continued to serve its original purpose as a place where the people assemble to exercise their Constitutional Rights. It is a legacy to the present generation from all of the people who have come before. 

The Public Square is included in the National Register of Historic Places within the Dahlonega Historic Commercial District. 

Presented to the city of Dahlonega, Georgia by the Lumpkin County Historical Society, Inc."

Other local historical markers can be viewed here: Lumpkin County Historical Markers.

Published Online: 6 May 2011 by Manny Carvalho.
Added link to historical markers 25 Jan 2012 by Manny Carvalho.