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VolumeDATE Major TopicsView Newsletter
VolumeDATE Major TopicsView Newsletter
54 October 8, 2020 Awards;Business Mtg;Remembering Anne Amerson;Dr. Delgado; Sheriff Saterfield; Soapstone; 19th Amendment; Covid; Devil Dan; Bricks View vol 54 
53 December 12, 2019 Web sites; Burning Gold Town; Appalachian Trail; Scull Shoals; 1884 Jail Visit View vol 53 
52 July 18, 2019 Awards, Soiled Doves, Innovations in Lumpkin, Radio, Mt. Hope View vol. 52 
51 December 13, 2018 Lynn Award, Square Tour, Railroad, Foxfire, Newspapers, Spanish Flu View vol. 51 
50 July 12, 2018 Awards, Oysters & Possums, W.B. Townsend, Cemetery Preservation, Unicoi Tpk., 1884 Jail, Antique Music Makers View vol. 50 
49 December 14, 2017 Reports, 49ers, Cemeteries, West Cleaners Fire, Arthur Woody, Diving Bell View vol 49 
48 June 8, 2017 Awards, Daddy Barnes, Library, Football, Siege of Atlanta, Dr. Arnold, Essays. Margaret Owens View vol. 48 
47 December 15, 2016 Mountain Inn, Show & Tell, Pick & Bow, Corpswood Murders, Community Canning, Gaillard Library Donation View vol. 47 
46 July 14, 2016 Awards,8th Grade Essays, Antebellum Lighting,Lynn Award, Geology of Gold, Gaillard Bible, Copper Mining View vol. 46 
45 December 10, 2015 Show & Tell, Lydia School, Free Jim, Cain Time Capsule, Holiday- McCain, Porter Spring Hotel, Price Hall Tour View vol 45 
44 July 9, 2015 Awards, Law, Weavers, Jail Museum, The Chestatee, The Plunderer, Bella Lynn, Cabin in the Laurel, Essays View vol 44 
43 December 11, 2014 Hail Columbia, Pick & Bow, Bob Meaders, Frank Hall, One Room Schools View vol 43 
42 June 12, 2014 Awards, Lula Ash, Holly History, Growing up in Dahlonega, Camp Glisson, William S Basinger, Bear Shows, 8th Grade Essays  View vol 42 
41 December 12, 2013 Gold Rush Royality, Old Jail Open, LCHS Paver, Ducket Site Excavations, Etowah Indian Mounds, Reese Farm, Show Tell View vol 41 
40 July 11, 2013 Awards, Annual Meeting, Dahlonega Occupied, A Valentine Tale, Mystery of the Trees, Scotch-Irish Influence in Appalachia, Auraria,  View vol 40 
39 December 12, 2012 Diving Bell Plaza, Cherokee, Etowah Mound, Pigeon Roost, Stephenson, Slave Cabin, Hardman Farm View vol 39 
38 May 18, 2012 Annual Mtg, Awards, Moonshine, Townsend View vol 38 
37 December 31, 2011 Diving Bell, Jim Waters, Jennie Wimmer, Cemetery, Woodrow Parks, Chattahoochee Forest, Winton Porter View vol. 37 
36 May 6, 2011 Awards; Annual Meeting; Nora Mill View vol 36 
35 December 1, 2010 Bell Funding, The Hunley View vol 35 
34 May 1, 2010 Awards; Lewis & Clark Trail; Diving Bell; Villa Rica Gold Rush View vol 34 
33 February 1, 2010 Annual Meeting;Scull Shoals; Historic Floods View vol 33 
32 November 12, 2009 Rangers, Green Russel, Tour of Square, Money, Show & Tell, Rose View vol 32 
31 May 14, 2009 Awards, Porter Springs Hotel, History Tree,  View vol 31 
30 March 1, 2010 Annual Meeting; Edward Tucker; Free Jim Book; Appalachian Studies Center; History Tree View vol 30 
29 December 10, 2009 "Dahlonega's Gold", Mount Hope, Mint, Isaac Todd, Free Jim Mine View vol 29 
28 May 8, 2008 Awards, Diving Bell, Singleton/Williard/Wimpy Homeplace, Arson at City Hall,  View Vol 28 
27 February 14, 2008 Annual Meeting, Lon Bruce Photography View vol 27 
26 November 15, 2007 Confederate Treasury, Slat & Tab Tombs, The M. K. Anthony Park, Life in Auraria, Crowell Collection, Militia Districts View vol 26 
25 May 17, 2007 Awards, Sylvia Head, Cemeteries in Lumpkin Co., William Grady, Camp Glisson,  View vol 25 
24 February 1, 2007 Annual Meeting, "Privial Pursuits"; Garland Reynolds; Madeleine, Robert Jenkins Day View vol 24 
23 September 14, 2006 Harrison Riley, Cherokee Basketry, Hoyt Scarborough, Moorehill, Architecture,  View vol 23 
22 May 18, 2006 Awards, Health Dept., Lumpkin Co. Cemeteries, Public Square Historic Marker View vol 22 
21 February 9, 2006 Northeast GA History Center, Annual Meeting View vol 21 
20 November 17, 2005 Schools of Yesteryear, Wagons HO!, African-Americans during Reconstruction, W.B. Townsend, Jimmy Anderson,  View vol 20 
19 April 14, 2005 Awards, Doug Seymour, The Plunderer, Memories of Madeleine, Moonshine Tales,  View vol 19 
18 January 13, 2005 Annual Meeting, GA Historical Society, The Cherokee Removal,  View Vol 18 
17 September 9, 2004 First jail key, Lumpkin Campground, Three Sisters Vineyard, 8th Grade Essays (2nd place), The Cannery View vol 17 
16 * May 13, 2004 Awards, Natural Dyes, Civilian Conservation Core (CCC),  View vol 16 
15 October 9, 2003 Thompson Log Cabin, Frogtown, When City Hall Burned, Little Lumpkin, Grandma Paschal, Square Revitalization Project, Harrison Riley View vol 15 
14 * April 10, 2003 Awards, Civil War Letters, Display Cases View vol 14 
13 January 9, 2003 Old Jail, Camp Wahsega, Annual Meeting, Chickens!, Historical Society History View vol 13 
12 September 12, 2002 Old Jail Renovation, Sheriff Sargent, The Cherokee Rose, Storytelling as History, Findley Ridge, Gold Mining Essay View vol 12 
11 April 11, 2002 Awards, Findley Gold Mine, Alexander Dugas (Calhoun Mine), Atlanta Will Fall,  View vol 11 
10 February 14, 2002 Annual Meeting, Preservation in the 21st Century, Celestine Sibley, Civil War View vol 10 
09 May 10, 2001 Awards, Green Russel, Old Jail Project, The Hand Ditch View vol 9 
08 February 8, 2001 Annual Meeting, I Dig History, GPS Survey View vol 8 
07 November 9, 2000 Focus on Education, Court House, Hawkins St., Post Office, Moonshine Time, Vernacular Architecture, Quilts, Jack Anthony View vol 7 
06 April 13, 2000 Awards, Lumpkin Co. Women, Court House Statues, Maibaum Tree, Tully Smith Farm, Dahlonega Branch Mint, Public Square 101, Findley Ridge Marker View vol 6 
05 * January 13, 2000 Annual Meeting, Historic Preservation, Quicksilver (Mercury), Gold Coins, Meet Robbie Niles View vol 5 
04 November 14, 2013 The Dahlonega Nugget, S. Park St. Tour, Cherokee Textiles, Jennie Wimmer, Old Jail Project, Rev. Earl Cline, Three Sisters Vineyard, Frogtown View vol 4 
03 * April 8, 1999 Awards, Deaths, Murders & Lynchings, Price Memorial, Moore Hill, The Station View vol 3 
02 * October 8, 1998 Wahoo Cemetery, County Jails History, Whisky Still View vol 2 
01 * July 9, 1998 Incorporation, Mint Door Knocker, Lost Tapes View vol 1 
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