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The 1875 Chestatee River Diving Bell

The purpose of this site is to serve as the official authoritative and fact based source for the 1875 Chestatee River Diving Bell located in Dahlonega, Georgia. 

The Diving Bell is a unique and rare example of early American diving technology that has national significance.   

Here, the details of the craft's history are factually documented. Although a significant amount of information is now known about the purposes of this unusual artifact, much still remains a mystery. 

We welcome you to discover how the Chestatee River Diving Bell was used to mine for gold in the mountains of North Georgia by exploring the articles below.  

Diving Bell Introduction

An overview of the Diving Bell by Christopher Worick and Manuel Carvalho.

2.  History
The Diving Bell in Lumpkin County History by  Christopher Worick.

Discover the man behind the Diving Bell by William Waldrop.

 How the Diving Bell operated by Manuel Carvalho.
         Diving Bells Aren't Always Round by Anne Amerson.
        William H. Satterfield Worked on the Diving Bell Boat by Anne Amerson.
7.  The Plaza
          Where the Diving Bell is displayed.  See it being built. By Manuel Carvalho

8.  Unsung Heroes
          The people behind the Diving Bell project by Anne Amerson and Robbie Niles

9.  Meet the Authors


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