This page documents activities by the Society and its members.   If a blue link is available in the title please click it to view an article or video of that program.  The newsletter describes these programs in detail.

2018 Programs

  • Jan: Business Meeting and "When People Feasted on Oysters and Possum" by Amos Amerson.
  • Feb: History of the Old Jail by Chris Worick.
  • Mar: Mechanical Music by  Craig Darlak.

2017 Programs 
  • January: Business Meeting and Remembering "Daddy Barnes" by Larry Scott
  • February: History of Lumpkin CO Library , 1917 - 2017 by Diane Bates
  • March: Gen. Hood in the Battle of Atlanta by Steve Davis
  • April: Awards
  • May: The History of North Georgia College Football by Darrell Woodall
  • June: Dr. Craig Arnold by Anne Amerson
  • July:  The 29ers Join the 49ers by A J Wells   
  • August: The West Cleaners Fire of 1962 by Derrell West
  • September: Lumpkin Co Cemeteries by Ted O. Brooke
  • October: The 1875 Chestatee Diving Bell by Manny Carvalho
  • November: Arthur Woody by Duncan Dobie
  • December: Holiday party

2016 Programs 
  • January: Business Meeting and Copper Mining in Lumpkin Co. by Chris Worick
  • February: Memories of Amy Trammell by Larry Scott;
  • March: Antebellum Lighting Technology by Douglas Carson,
  • April: Awards
  • May: A Look Back; 60 Years of the Lumpkin County Historical Society by Chris Worick
  • June: Geology, Gold and the Making of Georgia by Dr. Bill Witherspoon
  • July: Show and Tell 
  • August: History of Community Canning by Sharon Thomason
  • September: The Mountain Lodge Hotel by Anne Amerson
  • October: Georgia Pick & Bow Traditional Music 
  • November: Searching For Beulah Buchanan by Dan Roper
  • December: Holiday Party
2015 Programs 
  • January:  Law & Early Lumpkin Co. Societal Development - David Connolly
  • February: The Chestatee, River of Lights - Percy Jones, Anne Amerson, Jack Anthony and Robert Fuller
  • March : The Plunderer Comes to Town by Anne Amerson & Chris Worick
  • April:  Awards program
  • May: Eighth Grade History Essay & Appalachian Weaving by Jo-Marie Karst
  • June:  The Cabin in the Laurel
  • July: Show and Tell
  • August: James "Free Jim" Bosclair by Chris Worick
  • September: Field Trip to Lydia School
  • October: Porter Springs Hotel, “Queen of the Mountains” by Anne Amerson
  • November: Private Tour of Price Memorial Hall
  • December: Holidays and Guy Middleton on McAdams: An American Legend.
  • 2014 Programs
                                                    2013 Programs
    • January: Dahlonega Occupied - Chris Worick
    • February: "Amy and Bill Trammell, A Valentine's Tale. - Larry Scott
    • March: Scots/Irish influence on Appalachian Culture - Paul Brown.
    • April:  Awards program
    • May: Mystery of the Trail Trees - Don Wells.
    • June: Auraria 1832; America's First Gold Rush Boom Town - Chris Worick
    • July: Field trip; The Mound Builders of Etowah - Ken Aiken
    • August: Field Trip; Byron Herbert Reece Farm and Heritage Center - Marilou Kinney
    • September:The Duckett Site Excavation of 2013 -  Jack T. Wynn
    • October: Memories of Gold Rush Days - Sallie Sorohan
    • November: Show and Tell 
    2012 Programs
    • January: The Smulian Log Cabin - Alice Sampson.
    • February: The Gold Digger's Road - Chris Worick.
    • March: Reflections on William B. Townsend  - Wayne Knuckles.
    • April: Marilyn K. Anthony Awards program.
    • May: TBA -Ray Rensi/Sallie Sorohan.
    • June: Gold at Pigeon Roost - Al Adams and Fred Holabird.
    • July:  Bean Creek Settlement: African Americans in the Sautee and Nacoochee valleys - Caroline Crittenden. 
    • August:  Field trip to Nacoochee Valley Farm - Manny Carvalho.
    • September:  Matthew Stephenson - Chris Worick.
    • October: TBA - Janet Barger
    • November:  Etowah Indian Mounds Historic Site -Ken Aiken
    2011 Programs