BRAG: Geology of Georgia's Blue Ridge by Williams Witherspoon Jan. 13th, Lumpkin Co. Public Library, 6 PM

Post date: Jan 09, 2016 2:31:57 PM

This month the B.R.A.G. [Blue Ridge Archeology Group] speaker will be Dr. William Witherspoon, a retired geologist from the Fernbank Science Center, who will be speaking on the "Geology of Georgia's Blue Ridge".

Dr. Witherspoon co-wrote a book in 2013 called the "Roadside Geology of Georgia". I recent completed this book to prep for our meeting. This is the kind of book than I would have liked to have written, had I the knowledge. As a person who loves to wander the back roads, I often encounter historic buildings, cliffs, out croppings and water falls in the middle of "no where", which make me research the story on that location. Dr. Witherspoon explains most of the unusual rock types and formations found in Georgia in chapters by geographic districts, using drives along major highways, with information about what you are seeing combined with information on stops at the local museums. It is a different format, but one easily followed for an afternoon drive with friends, as you dazzle them with your new found geology knowledge.

The geology of the Blue Ridge is a story of plate Tectonics, inland seas, volcanic islands and continents combining, as they override, then sublimate into our ridges and mountains in North Georgia, creating a unique landscape. Some of the oldest rocks on the planet are found at your door!

This will be an interesting talk for those of us who want to know more about our mountains. .

Dr. Witherspoon will have a small supply of his book for sale for those interested in more detail after his talk.