Madeleine Kiker Anthony

Madeleine Kiker Anthony

Madeleine Anthony is not a native to Dahlonega, but came with her husband John, who was a professor at the university, and started a profound life here. Without her historic safeguarding efforts, you would not see Dahlonega's preserved public square or its gold rush history. 

The Dahlonega Gold Museum, now a state historic site, would be a parking lot.  Madeleine started the local historical society and tourism bureau.  Her passion made her a force to be reckoned with.  Madeleine also started Dahlonega's Gold Rush festivals and the tourism surrounding it. Her long-term efforts saved much of Dahlonega's material history which survives today. 

Madeleine has been awarded as a Georgia Woman of Achievement for her efforts. Although she was not born here in the county, Madeleine Anthony's enthusiasm for the town's potential as an important tourist destination was abounding. Researching local history was such a frequent hobby for her and she was known to have kept a vacuum cleaner in the middle of her living room so that she could say to guests, “Excuse me, I was just cleaning.”

Madeleine Anthony; 30 Mar 1903 - 27 Oct 1989 (86)

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