Notable Persons

Mt. Hope Cemetery Notable Persons

by Delaney Waters

Welcome to Mt. Hope Cemetery, both the oldest and longest continually running cemetery in Dahlonega, opened in 1833.  For a brief history of the cemetery please see here.

In order to bring to life some of the cemetery's residents, we have installed a number of QR codes throughout the cemetery for notable residents who have made a difference in the community and for features of the grounds.  These are listed below for site visitors, but the intent is that people touring the cemetery may access these pages directly via the QR codes within the cemetery.  The red numbers on the Cemetery map correspond to the numbered list below.

If you enjoy this tour, let us know at the Dahlonega Cemetery Committee Facebook page, and if you’d like to help us continue projects like this in the future, donations are always welcome to the Dahlonega Cemetery Committee, sent to Dahlonega City Hall, care of the cemetery committee.

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Content by Delaney Waters for Appalachian Studies Center.

Posted 18 Apr 2023 by Manny Carvalho.