Videos from Lumpkin County Historical Society Events

For Future Use

For Future Use

Wilson Lumpkin by Janet Barger

January 2023

Searching for the Unicoi Turnpike by Alan Hall

Nov 2021

The Grand Opening of the Consolidated Gold Mining Company by Greg Sheppard

June 2021

Agnes Gore and Chris Worick spoke to the LC Historical Society about doing genealogy research and what resources are available both locally and on the internet.

May 2021

Robbie Niles discusses the history of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution.

April 2021

Veterans of the American Revolution in Lumpkin County by Chris Worick

March 2021

Native Plants in North Georgia by Clark MacAllister

Feb. 2021

Copper Mining in Lumpkin County by Chris Worick

Jan, 2021

The Spanish Flu Impact on Lumpkin County by Chris Worick

Nov 2018

Mechanical Music by

March 2018

Law and Early Lumpkin County Societal Development by David Connoly

Jan 2015

The Holly Theatre History by Hal Williams

June 2014

Frieda Fabile talks about the history of Frank W. Hall.

Nov 2014

Anne Amerson Remember Mr. Bob Meaders

Sep 2014

Lula Ash: Queen of the Holly by Larry Scott

May 2014

Jennifer Richardson talks about Camp Glisson

March 2014

Anne Amerson Remembers Dahlonega

Jan 2014

Historical Summary of the 1875 Chestatee River Diving Bell

July 2013

The Chestatee River Diving Bell Plaza ribbon cutting ceremony in Hancock Park, Dahlonega, GA.

Nov, 2012

Reflection on W. B. Townsend by Wayne Knuckles

March 2012

Madeleine Anthony

March 2012

Chris Worick discusses the Gold Digger's Road. The road was used by miners in the first major gold rush in the United States.

Feb 2012

The Smulian 1832 log cabin is moved from their property to the backyard of the Vickery House at North Georgia College & University.

Feb 2012

Alice Sampson of the Georgia Appalachian Studies Center describes how the Center will use the 1832 era log cabin.

Jan 2021

Jim and Betty Smulian's Cabin

Oct 2021

Winton Porter: "Guru of the Appalachian Trail."

Nov 2011

Chattahoochee Forest History by Janet Barger

Oct 2011

A conversation with Woodrow Parks - Part 1

Sept 2011

A conversation with Woodrow Parks - Part 2

Sept 2011

A conversation with Woodrow Parks - Part 3

Sept 2011

A conversation with Woodrow Parks - Part 4

Sept 2011

Frogtown life in the 1900s by Larry Scott

Aug 2011