Law & Early Lumpkin Co. Societal Development by David Connolly; 15 Jan 2016, 7pm @ Community House

Post date: Jan 02, 2015 7:1:6 PM

Dr. David H. Connolly, our vice president, will be the Keynote Speaker after our brief annual business meeting. He will share the results of his research into Lumpkin County’s court and legal documents that give a glimpse into 1830s Lumpkin County society as it developed from boomtown into a settled society.

Before the program there will be a brief annual business meeting where we conduct the business of the Society, including our yearly financial report and election of officers and directors.

Following the program, refreshments will be served. Members are asked to bring a finger-food treat to share.


Membership dues are payable in January. Please check the roster at the door to see if your dues are up to date.

A new due structure is in effect for 2015. Namely: Student $5, Single $20, Senior $15, Family $30, Life $250.

Come and bring a friend!

3rd Thursday • January 15, 2016 • 7 p.m.

Dahlonega Community House - 111 North Park Street, Dahlonega, GA 30533