SOAPSTONE and its early uses in Lumpkin County by Chris Worick; Thu., 13 Feb, 7pm @ Community House

Post date: Feb 05, 2020 7:18:57 AM

Chris Worick presents SOAPSTONE and its early uses in Lumpkin County

Dating back to antiquity, soapstone has been recognized as one of the most abundant resources found throughout the world. Due to its relative softness, soapstone has been used for centuries in many applications. Native American people used soapstone for a variety of items such as pipes, cooking bowls,and ceremonial objects.The first settlers of Lumpkin County found not only gold, but also soapstone in abundance. Easily recognized by its distinctive gray-green color and often shiny appearance, soapstone was preferred by our early settlers because it was found in abundance and could be easily cut into workable sections or blocks.

Many pioneers used soapstone in their fireplace hearths because of its heat retaining properties and durability. Today, the most obvious reminders of soapstone’s extensive use can be found in our cemeteries and headstones throughout Lumpkin County.

Thursday, February 13 • 7:00 p.m. • The Community House, 111 North Park St.

Come and bring a friend.