Stephenson Description

This is the transcript from a letter by Mathew Stephenson to the editors of the Southern Cross newspaper in Savannah, Georgia dated 23 Oct 1875:


Gold Boat

Editors Southern Cross:

A steamboat is being built on the Chestatee river, near Dahlonega, for washing out the river-bed for gold. The process is a new patent, which "works" on the principle of steam pressure through pipes in a large diving-bell, and suction by vaccums, (sic) drawing up the gravel and gold from any depth to the deck, where it is washed, and the -gold obtained. It will be in operation in a few weeks, and, if successful, will open up a new industry of great magnitude, as the Chestatee contains rich deposits of gold for forty miles, and the Chattahoochee river for more than sixty miles, both giving an area of seven million square yards; much of which will pay from three to five penny-weights per square yard.

Messrs. Loud and Cook have no doubt of the success of the scheme, as they have proved it by satisfactory experiments. Yours, M. S.


Source: Chris Worick on 4 Mar 2020.