Chestatee Diving Bell

Chestatee Diving Bell Presentation

by Chris Worick ©

The Chestatee River Diving Bell's purpose was to aid mining for gold in a river bed. It's a unique artifact of the gold mining days in Lumpkin County and the only diving bell from that period known to still exist.

Chris Worick, on 12 May 2011 presented a history of the Bell from its discovery in the Chestatee River to its current recognition as a historical

Currently the Diving Bell is being stored in an undisclosed location waiting approval of a federal grant in order to provide additional funds to build a display shelter in Dahlonega's Hancock Park. Your tax exempt contributions to the Historical Society for this project are welcome and appreciated.

treasure. Since its unveiling in the summer of 2010, the story of the Bell has continued to unfold. Chris discussed the new discoveries in this presentation.

The presentation was delivered to the Historical Society regular meeting and includes audience comments and questions. To view the presentation please click the moving arrow below. Some selected audio clips are available just below the presentation image.

Margaret Owens, whose family owned the land when the Bell was pulled from the Chestatee River, offered some comments during the presentation about her

dealings with the Bell at that time. Please click the play button - give it a moment - to hear her audio clips.

Mrs. Owens spoke about how people assumed the airlock was a smokestack from a steamboat but she thought the river couldn't handle such a boat.

Margaret Owens Discusses Bell Artifacts

Mrs. Owens discussed the fate of a board and a porthole from the Bell.

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Credits: Bell artwork is by Chris O'Rilley. Images are by Roberta Niles.

Published Online: 18 May 2011 by Manny Carvalho