This page documents activities by the Society and its members. If a blue link is available in the title please click it to view an article or video of that program. Our Now and Then newsletter describes these programs in detail.

2021 Programs

(Jan through June are Zoom videos)

Jan: Business Meeting and Copper Mining in Lumpkin Co. by Chris Worick

Feb: Native Plants in North Georgia by Clark MacAllister

Mar: Revolutionary War Veterans in Lumpkin Co. by Chris Worick

Apr: The 19th Amendment by Robbie Niles

May: Genealogy Research by Agnes Gore and Chris Worick

Jun: The Grand Opening of the Consolidated Gold Mines by Greg Sheppard

Jul: Traditional Appalachian Music by Sarah Adams

Aug: History of the UNG Core of Cadets by Darrel Woodall

Sep: The Benton McKaye Trail by Janet Barger

Oct: A Brief History of the Future Farmers of America in Lumpkin County by Carey Woodhall

Nov: Searching for the Unicoi Turnpike by Alan Hall

Dec: Holiday Party

2020 Programs

2019 Programs

2018 Programs

2017 Programs

  • January: Business Meeting and Remembering "Daddy Barnes" by Larry Scott

  • February: History of Lumpkin CO Library , 1917 - 2017 by Diane Bates

  • March: Gen. Hood in the Battle of Atlanta by Steve Davis

  • April: Awards

  • May: The History of North Georgia College Football by Darrell Woodall

  • June: Dr. Craig Arnold by Anne Amerson

  • July: The 29ers Join the 49ers by A J Wells

  • August: The West Cleaners Fire of 1962 by Derrell West

  • September: Lumpkin Co Cemeteries by Ted O. Brooke

  • October: The 1875 Chestatee Diving Bell by Manny Carvalho

  • November: Arthur Woody by Duncan Dobie

  • December: Holiday party

2016 Programs

    • January: Business Meeting and Copper Mining in Lumpkin Co. by Chris Worick

    • February: Memories of Amy Trammell by Larry Scott;

    • March: Antebellum Lighting Technology by Douglas Carson,

    • April: Awards

    • May: A Look Back; 60 Years of the Lumpkin County Historical Society by Chris Worick

    • June: Geology, Gold and the Making of Georgia by Dr. Bill Witherspoon

    • July: Show and Tell

    • August: History of Community Canning by Sharon Thomason

    • September: The Mountain Lodge Hotel by Anne Amerson

    • October: Georgia Pick & Bow Traditional Music

    • November: Searching For Beulah Buchanan by Dan Roper

    • December: Holiday Party

2015 Programs

  • January: Law & Early Lumpkin Co. Societal Development - David Connolly

  • February: The Chestatee, River of Lights - Percy Jones, Anne Amerson, Jack Anthony and Robert Fuller

  • March : The Plunderer Comes to Town by Anne Amerson & Chris Worick

  • April: Awards program

  • May: Eighth Grade History Essay & Appalachian Weaving by Jo-Marie Karst

  • June: The Cabin in the Laurel

  • July: Show and Tell

  • August: James "Free Jim" Bosclair by Chris Worick

  • September: Field Trip to Lydia School

  • October: Porter Springs Hotel, “Queen of the Mountains” by Anne Amerson

  • November: Private Tour of Price Memorial Hall

  • December: Holidays and Guy Middleton on McAdams: An American Legend.

2014 Programs

2013 Programs

  • January: Dahlonega Occupied - Chris Worick

  • February: "Amy and Bill Trammell, A Valentine's Tale. - Larry Scott

  • March: Scots/Irish influence on Appalachian Culture - Paul Brown.

  • April: Awards program

  • May: Mystery of the Trail Trees - Don Wells.

  • June: Auraria 1832; America's First Gold Rush Boom Town - Chris Worick

  • July: Field trip; The Mound Builders of Etowah - Ken Aiken

  • August: Field Trip; Byron Herbert Reece Farm and Heritage Center - Marilou Kinney

  • September:The Duckett Site Excavation of 2013 - Jack T. Wynn

  • October: Memories of Gold Rush Days - Sallie Sorohan

  • November: Show and Tell

2012 Programs

  • January: The Smulian Log Cabin - Alice Sampson.

  • February: The Gold Digger's Road - Chris Worick.

  • March: Reflections on William B. Townsend - Wayne Knuckles.

  • April: Marilyn K. Anthony Awards program.

  • May: TBA -Ray Rensi/Sallie Sorohan.

  • June: Gold at Pigeon Roost - Al Adams and Fred Holabird.

  • July: Bean Creek Settlement: African Americans in the Sautee and Nacoochee valleys - Caroline Crittenden.

  • August: Field trip to Nacoochee Valley Farm - Manny Carvalho.

  • September: Matthew Stephenson - Chris Worick.

  • October: TBA - Janet Barger

  • November: Etowah Indian Mounds Historic Site -Ken Aiken

2011 Programs