Frogtown Life in the 1900s

Ninety-seven year old Jim Waters has lived in the Frogtown area of Lumpkin County all of his life. Sitting on his porch on Frogtown Road, he is often referred to as the Mayor of Frogtown, as he waves to passing cars. His niece, Marsha Kaufman, sat down with “Mr. Jim” and recorded his recollections of growing up in Frogtown. She published his memories and received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Lumpkin County Historical Society at their Madeleine Anthony Awards night program in April, for preserving this colorful hometown story. On June 9, 2011, Historical Society president, Larry Scott relived the early days of our county as seen by one of its elder citizens using readings and discussions from this biography. The meeting, appropriately, was held in Frogtown at Lumpkin County's first vineyard and farm winery since prohition times - Three Sisters.

“Mr. Jim” recants stories of his Cherokee Indian grandmother, his preacher grandfather, his large family of brothers and sisters, early farming and food storage methods, folk medicine, his own near death experience, how he won “Miss Jessie” for his wife, and many humorous stories of life at home, school and church. You will learn so much and get to appreciate the hardships of every day living in the early 1900’s.

The author, "Mr. Jim" as well as over 60 "Frogtown neighbors" attended the presentation.

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Credits: Images by Manny Carvalho

Source: Marsha Kaufmann "Lumpkin County, Georgia, Stories as told by James (Jim) Waters," self published.

Published online on 15 June 2011 by Manny Carvalho