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Manny Carvalho

Anne Amerson Remembers Dahlonega

If one looked up the definition of a genteel Southern lady there's no doubt that Anne Amerson would be listed under the definition. However, underneath lies a bit of a "steel magnolia" - delicate but of substance. For example, at age 12 she was the first girl in the area to have a paper route. And, also early in life, she decided to see what would happen if she charged sweets to her parent's account at Moore's. There is a lot to this lady.

One such thing is Anne's fascination with the past. Starting in 1989, she wrote a much acclaimed column in the Dahlonega Nugget titled: "I Remember Dahlonega." For around ten years she told stories of other people in their own voices. The column became so popular that there would be reader complaints when she went on a vacation and missed an issue. Over all those years of telling the stories of others she never wrote about her own remembrances. Finally, at the January 2014 Society meeting, Anne relates her memories of growing up in Dahlonega. Here she is in her own words.

Posted Feb 12, 2014 by Manny Carvalho