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Manny Carvalho

Lula Ash: Queen of the Holly

"The Bride Goes Wild" was the featured film on July 28,1948 at the grand opening of the Holly Theater. The building looks much the same today as it does now. While Mr. Randall Brannon was the owner Mrs. Lula Ash, who loved the movies, ran the ticket booth. Eventually she became the manager and ran the theater. Many memories about Mrs. Ash are to be found among the then patrons of the theatre. When Dahlonega organized the Gold Rush Days Festival and selected a King and Queen to preside over it, Brannon reacted with his own announcement. He placed an ad in The Dahlonega Nugget stating, “Dahlonega may have its King and Queen of the Gold Rush, but Mrs. Lula Ash is the Queen of the Holly.” Larry Scott tells us about one of the beloved characters of the Holly Theatre.

Posted 14 Sep 2014 by Manny Carvalho