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Manny Carvalho

Woodrow Parks' family history runs deep in Lumpkin County. His great grandfather, Benjamin, is often noted as the person who was crucial in starting the first major US gold rush by kicking up an unusual stone in 1828. However, Woodrow, now 98 years old, has had an interesting life in his own right. At the September 2011 Society meeting Anne Amerson had a conversation with Woodrow about his recollections.

Woodrow, who says his memory isn't what it used to be, began by recollecting in minute detail the place where he was born in this first video:

Once Woodrow warmed up the conversation turned to a wide variety of topics such as his dating days, his first salaried position and the traveling he did during his time in the Air Force. Here is Woodrow in his own words:

His military days took up some time but he did eventually speak about his grandfather.

The building, erected in the 1850's, that now houses the Parks Clothing Store has been in the family since 1928. It was first used as a grocery store as shown in the first image above.

Unfortunately the whole presentation was not covered by all of the above video. However, the audio portion was fully captured and is available below:

Woodrow Parks: This is your Life!

Credits: Videos and Woodrow's photo by Laurie J. Anderson. Published on line by Manny Carvalho 25 Sep 2011

In 2009 a video of Woodrow speaking about his military days was posted. While it wasn't part of this meeting it is included here because it is relevant to the subject.

Woodrow Parks, 99, passed away July 2, 2012. His obituary is here: Parks obituary

Day is gone, gone the sun

from the lakes, from the hills,

from the sky

All is well, safely rest

God is near.